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1991 Lexus ES300 Review, Brandon White, From Charlotte

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Es 250

 Model of the car:Es 250
 General comments:I LOVE THIS CAR! Any lexus that you can buy for almost under $10,000 is worth it. The body style might be a little out dated, but it is still cute and luxurious, and who really cares because the interior makes up for any exterior flaw. Whoever said that the lexus is nothing more than a done up Camry has obviously never driven both of the two cars. Perfect luxury car for a teenager who cant wait to break into the lexus market of high dollar sedans! If you can find one, (they are kind of hard to come by), BUY IT!!!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:The leather that was put in the 250 models was really cheap I think. The drivers side leather is in pitiful shape in my car. The power steering has a leak, but nothing a little plug-a-leak wont take care of. And also, because it hasnt been made since 1991, there arent many options that can be installed in it now. For example, a cd player
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Review 1991 Lexus ES300 Brandon White, From Charlotte
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