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1992 Lexus ES300 Review, Gene Taylor, From Atlanta, GA

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 Model of the car:ES300
 General comments:I have owned a Lexus ES300 for more than 8 years now. I am still amazed at times as to how well the vehicles still rides, how it still handles and how much value that I've gotten out of it. Approaching almost 170,000 miles, nothing but normal maintenance has been involved and it is still sweet. Now I've seen a picture of the 2002 Lexus and I must say, except for the rear end, it is going to be "cookin' with gas" as my mother would say. However, it will have to be sizzling before I'd be willing to take a very good, paid off '92 ES300 and trade it in for this hot new model.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:The engine! No, not because it is not smoothe or drinks a lot of gas. Just because it and the subsequent engines, (including the one on the 2002 model), need a lot more than 210 HP to compete with the others.
 Previous car:I've driven Acura and BMW's, etc. They are good, but I still like my ES300 much better.

Review 1992 Lexus ES300 Gene Taylor, From Atlanta, GA
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