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1993 Lexus ES300 Review, Rich, From San Bernardino, CA

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 Model of the car:ES-300
 General comments:For the $27,500 I paid, the Lexus ES-300 represented a wondeful performance value. I still feel that way. You can get one for just a few dollars over dealer cost, if you pre-select your options, and compare every Lexus dealer you can. The car is solid, sporty, and very fun to drive. Fuel economy is poor, at 15 mpg, and a 300 mile range on a tank of (Premium only) gas can add up in a hurry. But beware of dealer-added "extras". The 6 disk Sony CD player adds $1200, but you can find it at any audio shop for $300, installed. The extended warranty (~$700) is worth the money! Without it, I would have had to pay $1200 for a 3 foot piece of rubber weatherstripping on the underside of the doorframe. My single complaint is with Lexus service. They treat you like gold, because any service costs easily 2x what it would anywhere else, except I couldn't find anyone other than Lexus to perform the service! I'd buy the Camry next time. It's the same car, just $3000 less out the door, with 1
 What things have gone wrong with the car:A great car, but keeping up the required service (Every 3000 miles) to maintain the warranty is far too expensive. $60 for a light oil change, $300+ for the timing belt? The same parts for the Toyota Camry, with the exact engine, are 1
 Previous car:Any $30,000 mid-sized luxury car

Review 1993 Lexus ES300 Rich, From San Bernardino, CA
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