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1994 Lexus ES300 Review, Bente Basmajian, From Virginia

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 Model of the car:ES300
 General comments:My fiance loves it, my kids love it, my anti-import, US flag waving friend wants one. 5 stars all around. This is the vehicle for the non-minivan driving Mom's who want a roomy vehicle that doesn't suggest Social Security. Monster trunk, (enough room for my golf clubs and groceries)!!! Handles great, acceleration to spare, looks fantastic! CD changer is in trunk so no extra hands adding any music you didn't ever want to hear, and with the 6 disk changer, it makes for music for an extended road trip. I bought mine used, (definately the way to go) and feel confident that it will perform well for the next 100K miles. The very best thing about this car....cold winter mornings and heated seats....does it get better??
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Wind noise from the rear windows and sunroof. (Sunroof will be adjusted this week). Beware of not just service costs (getting a new key will not be the same)but the associated insurance premium.
 Previous car:I arrived at the lot with my '96 Cutlass Supreme (103K) sounding like a lifter was coming through. I test drove the Camry and Lexus...and didn't get out of the Lexus (77K @ $13,500). Walked in and left the lot 45 minutes later with my brand new, used Lexu

Review 1994 Lexus ES300 Bente Basmajian, From Virginia
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