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1997 Lexus ES300 Review, Mike Brown, From Rockville Md

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Lexus ES300

 Model of the car:Lexus ES300
 General comments:lexus has the #1 selling luxury car for any brand,japanese,german or usa.look how much lexus has done in just 10 years compared to some others that have been selling cars for 100plus years....also lexus has the most trouble free cars for the past 10 years...they outsold BMW and BENZ in about 2-3 years of being sold in the US....with only a few models LS400,ES300,SC300,GS300.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:no navigation system yet...there will be one for '02
 Previous car:benz c class...benz can't touch lexus.

Review 1997 Lexus ES300 Mike Brown, From Rockville Md
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