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1998 Lexus ES300 Review, Kevin, From Glenview

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 Model of the car:ES300
 General comments:I hate it! The car was marketed as a sports sedan to match the 328 and C280--it is not! The car is too underpowered and the engine stinks. It is quiet but lacks spunk and does not know how to rev or accelerate like a true sports sedan. The power band is narrow--the car takes a while to pick up and then poops out quickly when it is accelerating--the BMW 328,on the other hand, jumps with rapid acceleration and seems to accelerate for ever while you step on the gas pedal. The ride is also soft and boat like and not at all firm and solid. The front wheel drive is the dead giveaway--it understeers like crazy and you cannot turn corners at high speeds like its German rivals--one does not get the feeling that the car can turn corners at 40mph and yet stay glued to the ground and true to the course. The transmission also does not resemble a sports sedan. It takes too long to downshift at highway speeds and therefore takes too long to pick up speed when one tries to overtake other cars. The other true sports sedans always seem to have an easier time revving and overtaking than the ES 300. The car is truely just a sedan--it is quiet, reliable, comfortable and luxurious but it is also absolutely boring and unexciting. It drives just like a fancy Camry. By the way, I just traded it in for a Mercedes CLK 320 and the difference is night and day--the CLK costs more but is worth every penny more. I absolutely love it and I ain't ever looking back at another non European "sports" sedan!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:No true sports sedan.
 Previous car:BMW 328, MB C280--these are better but more pricey

Review 1998 Lexus ES300 Kevin, From Glenview
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