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1998 Lexus ES300 Review, Alan, From Naperville,Ill

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 Model of the car:ES300
 General comments:I would most definitely recommend this automobile to friends and family. I feel very secure and important in this vehicle since I get alot of looks in it. I also purchased my vehicle from a local auction and saved well over 6 grand than what the dealers are asking, but thats the advantage of having friends in high places. Service for this car is rather expensive. I took it in for a 45000 mile checkup (oil, tranny check, wipers, etc) and it cost me over $500 dollars. Service personel very friendly and helpful, but they should be for the cost.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:A few rattlings under the front suspension. This could be because its wintertime in Chicago area and my car doesn't like the cold. Need headlamp sprayers since the headlight covers get too dirty then the lights don't project a very bright light. I am constantly wiping my headlights off, just a personal annoyance.
 Previous car:1997 Infiniti I30, 1998 Maxima GLX, 1998 BMW 528iThe '98 ES300 is without a doubt a much finer built car. The I30 was just as fast as my ES300 but the Maxima is just a Maxima. The 528i is in another class but so is the price tag. The 528i isn't as fast of

Review 1998 Lexus ES300 Alan, From Naperville,Ill
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