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1998 Lexus ES300 Review, Mark, From Oak Park, Il

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 Model of the car:Es300
 General comments:Moving on to a real luxury car. This car was a good deal 3 years ago, but now is too expensive for what it delivers. Acura delivers more bang for the buck. If you have the money step up to an Audi A6 turbo or BMW 525i or if you want more luxury a Jag S 3.0. Lexus is selling too many cars to keep the quality and residual value high for me to lease. I will have to pay over 100
 What things have gone wrong with the car:A virtual twin camry costs 4-6000 less. Performance and handling are not there. Very dated design. No head room. Arrogant salesforce, up there with Merc, BMW and Tiffany's. Brakes wear quickly. Fit and finish not all that. Residual value has plummeted from 55% to 45% over 3 years. Average gas mileage. Acura TL is cheaper and not as boring.

Review 1998 Lexus ES300 Mark, From Oak Park, Il
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