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2000 Lexus ES300 Review, Chris Nelson, From Columbus,

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 Model of the car:ES-300
 General comments:These are not inexpensive vehicles, but they are very high quality vehicles and dealer service is the best. The interior enhancements on the Platinum Series version take the ES to a little higher level. The HID headlamps are super at night and the Nakamichi Stereo is a nice upgrade, although the standard system is excellent. I would recommend the ES-300 to anyone. You will enjoy this car while driving it, washing it, and waxing it and you will be surprised at its resale value when you are ready to buy the next one!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:None
 Previous car:1993 Lexus ES-300. My '93 was a great car, 118K miles with only normal maintenance required. The car remained solid and tight and could have easily gone another 100,000 miles.

Review 2000 Lexus ES300 Chris Nelson, From Columbus,
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